Saturday Tunes

I got a reminder that I forgot to do this last week. Last weekend was so wild I don’t even know if I opened iTunes. This weekend is slightly better. While we’ve got tons going on with trying to get the yard in shape for a graduation party, trying to get the house in shape for putting it on the market, soccer, my Acts class, and a few other things… music will be an integral part of that. More to the point, I’ll be listening to music when I’m working outside, getting ready for my Acts class, and installing some stuff around la casa de McLane. 

As always, these are the next 10 songs that popped up on my iTunes. Totally random, no cheating, ratings included.


  1. Anyone Else But You by The Moldy Peaches ***** (You need the Juno soundtrack)
  2. How Great Thou Art by Charlie Hall ****
  3. All the Small Things by Blink-182 **** (Perfect after a hymn!)
  4. …Neverending…. by David Crowder Band
  5. Hollywood by Collective Soul *****
  6. Always Love by Addison Road ****
  7. Breakdown by Daughtry **** (For my American Idol moment this morning)
  8. The Best is Yet to Come by Sevenglory ****
  9. What a Friend by Jadon Lavik *****
  10. Born Losers by Matthew Good ****



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