What $4.05 gas means to Romeo

gas goes up againNothing. If it doesn’t change how you use your car, $4.05 gas means nothing to you.

I had this thought as I picked up a cup of coffee this morning at a local gas station and watched people belly up to the pump to offload some cash. I actually hope it hits $5 or $7 per gallon soon. Why? We need to change, that’s why. 

Yesterday I decided to ride my bike to the library. Its only a couple of miles and its perfectly flat getting over there. I had the time and it was a nice morning so I figured, why not? Our town has a great trail system and even the main road, Van Dyke, has a bike lane to use.

But a funny thing happened as I was riding. I got flicked off a lot. People slowed down to yell out the window at me. One man even intentionally drove up behind me as I rode down the bike lane and honked at me… angrily telling me I don’t have a right to the road. (Newsflash, it’s legal) It was sad. Because at the same time I was observing something fundamentally wrong with our town: A bunch of fat, angry people yacking on their phones as they drive around… alone. Almost every car had a single passenger… even monster SUVs and minivans. All empty.

Gas is only going to get more expensive. It crossed $130/barrel this week and it will only be a few days until those prices are reflected at the pump. 

So what should you do? It’s pretty simple. You should drive less. You should ask your boss if you can alter your job hours to carpool with a coworker. Next time you move, move somewhere close to your work. You should inflate your bike tires and ride around town instead of driving everywhere. You should walk a little more. Maybe you have two cars and you could get by with only one? Maybe your kids need to carpool to soccer? Maybe you should just tell their coach to move practice to your neighborhood instead of a county away? In short. Stop the insanity! 

We are the reason gas is $4.05 and not $1.79 or less, stop whining and change. I think the government should tax gas more and oil companies should get richer until angry, fat, cell phone happy Americans change their behavior.

What do you think? How could you change your driving behavior? What’s it going to take before you actually change your gas guzzling behavior?





3 responses to “What $4.05 gas means to Romeo”

  1. Matt Cleaver Avatar

    Ummm, I’m pretty much against taxing anything more. Everything else sounds good to me.

    Another tip: drive the speed limit or under on the highway. Statistically, 55 mph is about the optimum speed/mpg ratio. Above 55 mph fuel consumption goes up. I shake my head driving to work everyday going the speed limit (65 mph) and I am going slower than 90% of the other cars (including semi-trucks!).

    It really bugs me that people think that their actions shouldn’t have consequences. If people are tired of paying for gas they need to quit paying for it by making some “drive-style” changes.

  2. Jeff Greathouse Avatar

    We chose to live downtown. I walk to the kids school, the church, thebank, the library and the movie store, restaurants and more.

    Yes, there are still things that require the car but I build the extra time into my schedule to walk to most of my things thatI do. Even when I volunteer at the clinic – 1.5 miles away. I walk.

    It is cheaper, it is healthier and beeter for the environment.

  3. Todd Porter Avatar

    I agree, Adam, it is time for a serious change in these regards in our country.

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