2 Weekend Retail Annoyances

Just thought I would share two annoying things that happened to us over the weekend from local retailers.

  1. Ritz Camera I’ve not been shy on Twitter about my desire to buy Kristen a killer camera. We finally decided on a lens/body package and headed over to the mall to pick it up. This wasn’t a small purchase and I expected the clerk at the store to treat it that way. What we ended up with was a gum chewing mall rat. She was very nonchalant about the whole thing and a little snobbish. I kept thinking to myself, “We’re spending more in 15 minutes than she’ll make in 2 months.” When we were checking out she repeatedly tried to upsell me. An extra couple memory cards? An extra battery? An extra lens thing? A bag? And my personal favorite… a 3 year replacement plan which costs 75% of the item! So I was annoyed already and ready to leave. Then we went to pay. And then she asked for my drivers license. I thought, “Kind of odd, but whatever.” Then she pulled our some 1995 looking binder and proceeded to start calling the bank. My blood pressure shot up as my blood boiled. We were spending some money, but not THAT MUCH money. After about five minutes of announcing to the small store all sorts of personal information like my bank account numbers, drivers license numbers, home address, phone number… you know, everything someone would need to open a credit card in my name. I was annoyed enough that I had wandered to the front of the store to calm down. Then she hung up the phone and loudly said from the back of the store, “Mr. McLane, you’ve been declined. Do you have another form of payment?” Right in that second I had to make a decision. Lose it or let it go? I chose to let it go and we left the store. The account we were drawing from had 3x’s the amount of cash needed to cover the cost… she was just a twit that couldn’t complete a simple transaction. Want my advice on buying a nice camera? Ebay. I came home, went on Ebay and got a better package deal for $200 less. Forget Ritz. They will be out of business soon anyway.
  2. There is a gas station in Romeo deserves some exposure. They’ve been running a little scam for a couple of months and it’s time someone says something. They very intentionally advertise their prices at $.10 lower than the gas station across the street. So right now the new station (with the Tim Hortons going in) is $3.99. The offending station has advertised $3.89. The trick is simple… they are actually charging $3.99 but you won’t know that until you put your card in the pump. It’s a scam. It’s stupid. And I hope they get fined for it.

I don’t wish ill-will on anyone or any company. But I just can’t stand bad customer service or false advertising. In the end, the consumer will not be deceived. They may get a sale or two… but business in retail is about repeat business and not single transactions.

There are a lot of businesses going out lately. The difference between winners and losers right now is obvious. And these are two companies that don’t stand a chance.

p.s. For those whining about gas prices. Gas is over $11/gallon in Northern Ireland. And I paid $4.88 in San Diego.





5 responses to “2 Weekend Retail Annoyances”

  1. Katie Avatar

    I could have told you to go the ebay route. Ritz is a rip off for what little you get. You get WAY more going with Ebay.

  2. Kristen M. Avatar

    Katie, we knew that but our desire for instant gratification took over our intellectual sensibilities. Lesson learned.

  3. Katie Avatar

    Understandable. I know last yr when I got my camera for my birthday (March) I was on pins and needles waiting for it to arrive

  4. Kim Avatar

    yep, ebay all the way! Thats how we got our beautiful Canon Rebel XTI

  5. lisabee Avatar

    about the whole gas thing… right now, meijer’s big promotion is our credit cards. if you use it at the pump you can save 10 cents off every gallon of gas, occasionally save 15% of your order and 10% off your first purchase and you get a coupon for like a free frozen pizza or rotissere chicken. blah blah blah. meijer used to be one of the cheaper gas stations, but you can’t get those prices anymore unless you have a meijer credit card. i haven’t seen their prices below $4.05 since …. before the 10 cents/gallon promotion started. so basically they’re trying to scam you into getting a credit card. and they push the whole “you can pay off your balance right away at the service desk!” who has time to pump gas and then go into the store to wait in line to pay off their credit card?? … that’s what i thought…
    p.s. the promotion ends labor day. so after that, you only save 5 cents off a gallon. that’d be when you’d want to cancel the credit card… no longer worth it.

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