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  • Customer Service Matters

    When it comes to customer service, it matters. It is one of those things that I have always been quick to notice… and lately I’ve come across some amazing examples of it. In the past 30 days I’ve received remarkable, incredible, stellar…. unbelievable service from several companies I have new relationships with. Stunning! Observation: Start-ups […]

  • Maintaining Stellar Customer Service

    In the last 30 days I lead a big change in how we send emails at work. We ditched our old email delivery service for MailChimp. One small part of the decision was that MailChimp offered a better price. That was important– but the selling point for me was stellar customer service. There have been […]

  • Blackberry or iPhone?

    I am tired of my phone. I’ve rocked my HTC 8525 for almost 2 years and it’s pretty much outlived it’s usefulness for me. The lack of battery life and the size of it really don’t help. It does some funny things… like I have alarms set on it that won’t stop. And it has […]

  • A few new customer service annoyances

    It seems like every day I either have great customer service or horrible. Here are the last few that I’ve encountered. #1 Delta Airlines. To say that our flight from San Diego to Atlanta on Monday was a disaster is an understatement. We’re a family of four traveling together. Do you think you’d seat children […]

  • $200 Asterisk for the iPhone 3G

    If you are like me you didn’t notice the tiny asterisk in this image. But there is one. Do you see it? This morning I intended on lining up at the Partridge¬†Creek Apple Store to upgrade both of my AT&T phones to the smoking hot iPhone 3G.¬† Since I’ve been a loyal AT&T customer since […]

  • 2 Weekend Retail Annoyances

    Just thought I would share two annoying things that happened to us over the weekend from local retailers. Ritz Camera I’ve not been shy on Twitter about my desire to buy Kristen a killer camera. We finally decided on a lens/body package and headed over to the mall to pick it up. This wasn’t a […]

  • Bank Robbery: Why banks rob consumers…

    Walking into a bank is like walking into a casino. You walk into the building and think to yourself, “Where did they get all of this money?” The answer is simple: They make it from people like me.

  • CSR: Youngers Irish Tavern

    It’s St. Patrick’s Day! So it’s time to cover the only “Irish” place in town. We’ve lived in Romeo nearly 5 years and this location, 120 S. Main Street, there has been at least restaurants. Younger’s is the only one good enough concept to truly make it. Location: Downtown Romeo. With ample parking in the […]

  • Less than perfect Apple experience

    So I don’t get flamed, let me first say that there are a lot of things I like about my new iMac. It’s pretty and it has loads of power. OK, that’s out of the way. Now I can complain about the things I’m not thrilled with on my new computer. It arrived with the […]