New sidewalk

This isn’t the greatest picture, but it does show something very cool here at la casa de McLane. Our front walkway was a bit of a hazard. The concrete had shifted and was more of a hill than a nice entry point. 

Well, some friends from church came over and hooked us up. I got to be the “unskilled labor” and mix concrete while they expertly poured us a new sidewalk. It looks 1000 times better now. Looks better and is safer… I only wish we’d done it before. 

Last night I took Stoney (our 4 year old yellow lab) for a walk. Since I had our walkway on my mind I started noticing that we were one of the few houses in our neighborhood making improvements. It could be that people just haven’t started yet… but it could also be that people just aren’t going to be making many improvements in 2008. 

Speaking of the house. Here’s our listing


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