Saturday Tunes

This morning finds me in a hotel in the suburbs of Chicago. Yesterday was a fun day with a ton of driving. We ran all over the city filming Monday’s YS Podcast. Lakeview, the Loop, the Lake, and South Barrington. It’ll be a great episode that I can’t wait to send out on Monday.

Today, I’ll be attending day two of Planet Wisdom Chicago. The first night was great. I had never been to one and I was really impressed. I knew the second session would have a calling to follow Christ and I was interested to see how they did that… loved it. The least manipulative I’ve ever seen and yet dozens of kids responded.

Music is always part of my day. Here are the next 10 tunes rolling off my iPod this morning. As always, no cheating and ratings included.

#1 Smile by U2 ****

#2 Baby O’Riley by The Who *****

#3 Golden Slumbers from the Happy Feet Soundtrack ****

#4 Breathrough by Brook Berretsmith *

#5 The Riddle by Five for Fighting ****

#6 Questions by Jason Harwell ****

#7 Fivetweezy by KJ-52 ****

#8 Let’s Dance to the Joy Division by The Wombats *****

#9 Goodbye George by Sandra McCracken ****

#10 O Praise Him by David Crowder Band ****





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