Saturday Tunes

Late December. No mans land for all things blog heavy! I have lots of heavy thoughts floating around that will be fantastic blog posts one day. But the simple reality is that it’s a good time to just chill out and not try to change the world too much this time of year. Truth is, had Luther posted his 95 Thesis in the week between Christmas and New Years the movement now known as Protestantism would have never gotten off the ground.

Nice weather returns to San Diego today. With that in mind, Kristen and I are hoping to take the kids to the Ocean Beach Pier. We’ve wanted to walk out there and it looks like today is the day!

As I wait for it to warm up outside (currently 41, high of 61) I’m jamming to some music. Here are the next 10 songs on my playlist. As always, completely random and ratings included.

#1 Drifter by Decemberadio *****

#2 Take Me by Vineyard Generation ****

#3 One Step Closer (Live) by Linkin Park *****

#4 New York by Cat Power ***

#5 Black Water by The Doobie Brothers ****

#6 Only One by Lifehouse ****

#7 All Creatures of our God and King by David Crowder Band ***

#8 Counting Blue Cars by Dishwalla ****

#9 Walkin’ by Miles Davis *****

#10 New Soul by Yael Naim *****


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