When life crushes you

Awesome video. When I saw it I laughed and went “hmm” at the same time. Isn’t it ironic that the thing that cleans and refreshes us… in massive quantities crushes and destroys?

As an introvert stuck in an extroverts world I often feel relationally crushed by human interaction.
For example, one of my biggest struggles in serving in ministry was the always on nature of events, retreats, and mission trips. I would ache for alone time to reflect on what was happening, but feel crushed by the urgent needs of my students. I’m ashamed that there were moments of imbalance where I would snap at an adult volunteer or student… not because of what they did or said but because they inhabited the space my introverted mind wanted to protect.

What are the types of things that crush you with their goodness?

What are some centering activities you do when you feel crushed by things that are meant to refresh and cleanse?




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  1. Nick Avatar

    Thanks for your honesty. I feel the same way (being an introvert in an extrovert’s world).

    I had a great conversation with Chap Clark about boundaries. I just asked him, “How do you prevent yourself from getting burnt out?” He basically said (not verbatim, and I’m paraphrasing here) don’t let your ministry prevent you from taking care of yourself.

    (wow! that car got destroyed!)

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