My 3 Caddy Rules for Ministry

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I’m a golfer. I’ve played the game off and on most of my life. More importantly, I love being around golfers.

There is a joke among golfers that there are just three rules to a caddy’s job. “Just show up, keep up, and shut up.

That’s really how I feel about our burgeoning youth ministry. I’m just trying to show up, keep up, and shut up.

Show up

Let’s be real. As a volunteer that is 85%. I want to get there on time, be ready to join in whatever needs to be done, and be present emotionally.

Keep up

I’m learning. Tonight I came home feeling good because I felt like I learned a bunch of the kids names. I feel like I have a ton more to learn so that I feel like I’m actually contributing. I’ve got to keep up.

Shut up

The kids in our ministry could care less what I do for a living, how long I’ve been in ministry, or anything else. I just need to shut up and be there for them.






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  1. Johnny Carson Avatar
    Johnny Carson

    I really like those rules for volunteers.
    Good post today entitled “7 Reasons Why I Love Youth Ministry”:

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