Hard wired for Good News

Have you ever wondered how you could grow your church? 

What if I could tell you a way to grow your church and your churches impact in the community?

Here’s how. It’s mostly free. And it’s totally doable. Guaranteed to not backfire. 

Be Good News to your neighbors. Not start a Good News program. Not preach about Good News.

That’s putting it on someone else. It’s a way of saying your role as a leader is to move people without you yourself moving.

Here’s how you grow your impact in your community– starting right now. Be Good News to your neighbor. Yeah, the person next door to you. Yeah, the family across the street.

Ask yourself this question– What would be Good News for them? And do it.

Why will this grow your church? Because we, as humans made in the image of God, are hard wired to love Good News. It’s like crack to our soul. We can’t get enough. We are searching for Good News in an instinctual way we can’t explain. And when Good News happens to us or we even partner with a neighbor to bring Good News to someone else, something deep in our soul reasonates with that.

Each person is hard wired for God. And the catalyst, universal connecting point? Good News.

In a post-Christian society, the best way to grow your ministry is to deeply reasonate with the part of people’s soul that defies logics last stand. Good News supersedes all. It’s the Gospels secret weapon.







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  1. Jeffrey Dick Avatar

    Wonderful comment.

    Saying something similar on Christmas Eve – not the church growth part – but our response to Christmas is to be the good news – our gift to those around us.


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