Is anybody out there?

Yesterday Walt Mueller posted this video on his blog, it’s a lot to chew on. I hadn’t seen it but I’m glad I have. As youth workers, it’s both heart-breaking and knowledge we share that too many teenagers feel this way.

My reflections

  • It looked like a mature town… so lots and lots of churches. The church wasn’t part of the question of the video nor the answer.
  • What would be Good News to the characters in the video?
  • What if students in my neighborhood saw me as someone who could help in that situation?

What are your thoughts? 






2 responses to “Is anybody out there?”

  1. Teri Avatar

    Good News – you’re not alone, and there are places where you could/would/do? belong.
    If students in my neighborhood saw me as part of the solution… I would be honored.

    I guess I just kept thinking this didn’t seem like a youthful voice – but more like adults trying to tell students, “We know how you feel.”  It felt a little like an attempt to recreate what Katy Perry’s “Firework” was for so many students in the It Gets Better movement… and it wasn’t clear if it was a grasp at the same kind of fame/attention that Firework got OR the artists saying you’re not alone in feeling alone.  Neither of those options provides hope… neither say “It gets better.”  

    1. MagzBriggs Avatar

      To add on to that, I don’t know if they were trying to say it gets better at all. Maybe they were saying it doesn’t – since they showed the Dad buying drugs as an adult at the end. I wonder what kind of home he would have grown up in…. I’m a very positive person, so being reminded that there are millions of poeple out there that have NO IDEA who IS actually out there is hard to take in, but it’s a good reminder. Thanks for posting this Adam.

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