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Is anybody out there?

Yesterday Walt Mueller posted this video on his blog, it’s a lot to chew on. I hadn’t seen it but I’m glad I have. As youth workers, it’s both heart-breaking and knowledge we share that too many teenagers feel this way.

My reflections

  • It looked like a mature town… so lots and lots of churches. The church wasn’t part of the question of the video nor the answer.
  • What would be Good News to the characters in the video?
  • What if students in my neighborhood saw me as someone who could help in that situation?

What are your thoughts? 

By Adam McLane

Adam McLane is a partner at The Youth Cartel, co-author of A Parent's Guide to Understanding Social Media, blogger of 10+ years, and a fan of all things San Diego State University Aztecs.

2 replies on “Is anybody out there?”

Good News – you’re not alone, and there are places where you could/would/do? belong.
If students in my neighborhood saw me as part of the solution… I would be honored.

I guess I just kept thinking this didn’t seem like a youthful voice – but more like adults trying to tell students, “We know how you feel.”  It felt a little like an attempt to recreate what Katy Perry’s “Firework” was for so many students in the It Gets Better movement… and it wasn’t clear if it was a grasp at the same kind of fame/attention that Firework got OR the artists saying you’re not alone in feeling alone.  Neither of those options provides hope… neither say “It gets better.”  

To add on to that, I don’t know if they were trying to say it gets better at all. Maybe they were saying it doesn’t – since they showed the Dad buying drugs as an adult at the end. I wonder what kind of home he would have grown up in…. I’m a very positive person, so being reminded that there are millions of poeple out there that have NO IDEA who IS actually out there is hard to take in, but it’s a good reminder. Thanks for posting this Adam.

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