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  • When Daddy is Away

    It’s inevitable. All of the chaos happens when I leave town.  On Monday afternoon Kristen dropped me off at the San Diego airport. All was calm and under control in the McLane clan. Leaving Kristen for 5 days with Megan, (10) Paul, (7) and Jackson (4 months) was hard. I really didn’t want to leave […]

  • News from around McLaneland

    A few highlights and posts from around McLaneland. Summer Garden Tour Learn more about our garden at Jackson is Four Months Old Check out pictures and stuff at The McLane Creative Blog is Growing Here’s a few posts you might find interesting Google+: Two is Company, Three is a Crowd Four Creative Uses […]

  • Happy Father’s Day from the Kids

  • JR Organics Farm Tour and Eating What You Believe

    Ever heard the phrase “You are what you eat?“ It’s true. Your body is literally composed of all the stuff you eat. Don’t think about that too much, because it’s gross. It’s amazing that people want to have a relationship with their pastor, their doctor, the person who cuts their hair, or even the person […]

  • Helping our kids love church, again

    “The reason I hate church is that you pay attention to everyone else there but us.” ~ Megan, age 7 Those words rattled my soul. I’d rather have gotten cold-cocked by Mike Tyson in a bar fight than heard those words. That’s when I knew that things had to drastically change in how both how I […]

  • Like Father, Like Daughter

    Kristen found this in Megan’s room the other day. Megan loves to draw and create things. Her origami creations are worthy of an Etsy shop. When we turned over the last page and saw her marketing twist about going to… we just roared with laughter. She truly is her father’s child.

  • The 5K challenge

    Part of me is thinking, “What have I gotten myself into?” And the other part of me is thinking, “What have I been waiting for?” In the spirit of good natured competition, Kristen and I have challenged one another to a 5K run, walk, crawl, bite, fight, or drag. She has a good excuse for […]

  • Wedding Weekend

    I’m performing a wedding this weekend for long-time friend Dave Luke and his fiancee` Justine. Thinking about their engagement and wedding brought back this lovely memory. I’m not sure Kristen has changed a bit. But I’m glad that zit finally healed up and I got over the Friends look. I’m a youth pastor, you don’t […]

  • Printable Lent Signs

    This week we taught our kids about lent. So now that lent has begun, we wanted to make sure that we kept the long 40 days in front of us. With that in mind I made some sweet signs to hang up around the house. That way, if we see someone cheating we can kindly […]

  • Remembering Barb Evans

    As a 15 year old junior at Hanau American High School I lived for youth group night. For a couple of hours we took over the gym of Hanau Middle School. We played huge, sweaty games, where two teams competed for the sake of having fun. Usually, there was pizza and soda. Then Dan played […]