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  • A horrible yet honorable story

    I recognize that the news is never going to cover this story. So here’s it’s shot at getting out there. I received this email from a person in our community today. Most people would know her as a protagonist. I know her as someone with a deep sense of justice for our schools and the […]

  • 10 Things I Did While My Friends Were in Florida

    I mentioned this project earlier today, here is the video. I think it turned out pretty funny. What do you think?

  • The Melt is On

    In the knick of time. With the easter egg hunt about 24 hours away, the melt is finally on in Romeo. According to our thermometer it only got to about 31 degrees last night and it is already 35 degrees. As long as the sun shines all day, we’re safe. With the forecast saying we […]

  • Our Vision for Our Community

    I’ve had this video ready for a couple of weeks. Below is a description video for our churches vision. Since I already had a couple of people ask me how I made the video, here are the details. – Obviously, the animation is from Google Earth. I set up the points as a tour and […]

  • Sticker Shock

    Kristen handed me something labeled “assessment” from Bruce Township. My heart sank a little bit as I read it. When this arrived in 2007 I learned that our house had been assessed at about $20,000 more than we paid for it in 2005. While typically, this is a good thing. In Michigan there just wasn’t […]

  • MainStreet is back tonight!

    It seems like a huge layoff for the MainStreet gang. (Since Christmas Eve) But we are back at it tonight with a great event. During the layoff we’ve gotten an opportunity to do a few things that will help us in the Spring run. Rest! Reorganize! Re-prioritize! Renewed enthusiasm! Rest. We needed it. Pulling MainStreet […]

  • K Games Promo

  • A brand new RomeoKids.com

    It took several month to say this, but RomeoKids.com has a brand new look. This was the first project that the church has ever sent out to a web designer and I think it turned out awesome. Matt Adams, that guy is great to work with. If you ever need a WordPress theme totally custom […]

  • Mercy: Some practical theology here

    Last night at Light Force small groups we talked about the difference between mercy and grace. Grace = Getting something you don’t deserve. Mercy = Not getting something you deserve. I could see the students wrestling with this. Here are students completely covered in both. They have parents who bathe them in both on a […]

  • Good news for Romeo

    The mood in town, economically, is horrid. Everyone makes it seem like we are in the great depression or something. Here’s a little reminder to the people of Romeo that things are still quite good. The Ford F-150, whose engine is made right here in town, is still the #1 selling vehicle in America. Story […]