Brave things

Today we booked everything for our upcoming trip to San Diego. That’s right, I said “we.” The whole family is making the trip out to check out houses and get excited about the move. We leave in less than two weeks and will be gone for 8 days. After that it’ll be less than 2…… Continue reading Brave things

Tim Hortons Arrives in Romeo

When they first started building on the corner of M-53 & 32 Mile Road I hoped that they would either open a Starbucks or Tim Hortons at that location. The latter was realized this week.  For those outside of the upper Midwest or eastern Canada, Tim Hortons is a donut and coffee chain co-founded by…… Continue reading Tim Hortons Arrives in Romeo

10 random Monday thoughts

It’s a holiday. And a holiday for me means that I tend to get strikingly little done. I may have some big plans for my day… but if I get 1-2 things actually done I’ll be satisfied. Here’s just a data dump of things on my mind. I’m definitely taking a bike ride today. It…… Continue reading 10 random Monday thoughts

Figure Skating vs. Ice Hockey

In nearby Plymouth, Michigan the local government is discriminating against figure skating. That is, according to some angry moms. The story is that the local government has decided that since hockey pays 300% what figure skating pays for ice time, they are creating more time for ice hockey. [news story] A couple of thoughts. (Feel…… Continue reading Figure Skating vs. Ice Hockey