Saturday Tunes

saturday tunesIt’s snowing. Kristen said, “It’s like we live in Antarctica or something.” In Antarctica it’s the middle of the summer and their weather is a little like ours, just no snow! Other than the snow it’s a quiet morning in our house. The kids are playing on the computer and daddy is listening to music. Here’s a peek into the next 10 tunes humming from my iTunes shuffle. As always, no cheating and ratings included.

  1.  All the Young Dudes by Mott the Hopple *****
  2. Here with Me by MercyMe ****
  3. Lightning by Eric Church ****
  4. O, for a Thousand Tongues to Sing by David Crowder Band *****
  5. Glad About It by Joe Pace ****
  6. Agnus Dei by Barber ****
  7. Deliver Me by David Crowder Band ****
  8. Oh Lord Your Love by Caedmans Call ****
  9. Revolution by Grey Holiday ****
  10. What do we Know by Thousand Foot Krutch ****

Holy cow is that a crazy shuffle. Classical, Gospel, CCM, Worship, Country, Metal. The next hour is going to be interesting.


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