Saturday Tunes

saturday tunesA quiet Saturday planned for our house. I’ve got some reviews to finalize and stuff like that, I’m going to work on the podcast for YMX… but other than that, I’ll probably just be doing normal Saturday stuff all day. My big trip out is going to be for water softener salt. You know you’ve got a lame day planned when that’s on the agenda.

As I drink my coffee and get ready for the day, here are the next 10 songs being piped into my eardrums courtesy of iTunes. As always, I’m just hitting the shuffle button and writing down the next 10 songs that come up, ratings included.

  1. How Come You Don’t Call Me by Alicia Keys ****
  2. All Creatures of Our God and King by David Crowder Band ****
  3. Yearn by Shane & Shane ****
  4. Beautiful Day by U2 *****
  5. Shine on Us by Phillips, Craig, and Dean ****
  6. Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2 *****
  7. You Are by Todd Fields ****
  8. God He Reigns by Hillsong ****
  9. Beautiful Disaster by Jon McLaughlin *****
  10. Loose Lips by Kimya Dawson *****


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