Saturday Tunes

Saturday TunesIt’s kind of cool having a Monday through Friday job. For the first time in forever I can look forward to going to church in the morning without thinking of a million work details. That’s a guilty pleasure. 

Today we are heavy into “honey-do” as we have a graduation party at the house in just 8 days. So this morning I got started painting the basement floor a sexy basement floor grey color. We’re also tidying up some kitchen projects that are long overdue. This includes finishing the kitchen cabinet and counter thing that has been in “pending” mode for nearly a year. It’s kind of crazy how you just get used to stuff not being 100% done, isn’t it?

So with that stuff spinning the iPod is working overtime. Here at the next 10 tunes I’ll be jamming to. As always, completely random, no cheating, ratings included.

  1. Revolutionary Love by David Crowder Band ****
  2. Emtpy Heart by Newworldson ****
  3. Proud Father by Jon McLaughlin ****
  4. It Just Takes One by Addison Road *****
  5. Loose Lips by Kimya Dawson *****
  6. God of This City by Chris Tomlin *****
  7. Stop to Love by Luther Vandross ****
  8. I Stand Amazed by Chris Tomlin ****
  9. Pieces of the Sun by Test Your Reflex ****
  10. Welcome to this Place by Hillsong ****
What are your next 10?


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