Sunday Normalness

torreypinesPretty much every Sunday is the same for our family. It’s our new normal and we love it. For the first time in my adult life I have weekends off… and I’m still enjoying the novelty of it. Here’s what a typical Sunday looks like.

7:00- Everyone up. We don’t set alarms, but we all get woken up by hungry animals.The pace of our morning is extremely slow. With 3+ hours until church we hang in our PJs for as long as possible. The kids usually play quietly while mom and dad enjoy coffee and just enjoy the morning.

8:30- Dad and Paul head over to Yum Yum Donuts about a mile away to hunt & gather some donuts. Typically, we get 6 donuts and a bag of donut holes.

10:00- We leave for church. Old habits die hard… so we’re always there a little too early. (Californians are notoriously late for church; the cool kids come late.) This is the part that astonishes me… I just go to church. It took some intentional pulling back but I now do nothing on Sunday mornings but attend services.

12:30- We leave church and head for home. Sometimes we go out sometimes we don’t. But there’s no hard and fast rule for going out like before. We’ve been to Chili’s exactly once since moving to California! (In Romeo we went almost every week.)

2:00- We’re done with Sunday running around. No evening meetings. No youth group. Nada. We have the rest of the day to ourselves.

When it’s warm outside we are in the habit of going to the beach after church. We run home, grab a quick lunch, and pack up the car with all of our stuff. But that hasn’t happened since October. We’re hoping for the beach routine to come back in April!

It’s taken us a few months… but I finally feel like we’re hitting a healthy stride for Sunday’s. From the donut routine, to “just going to church,” to doing something simple and fun. Our family is actually starting to look forward to Sunday coming again!





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  1. Kevin Brangwynne Avatar
    Kevin Brangwynne

    Good for you Adam! I’m happy for you and your family! Does kinda make me think though, about some of the huge sacrifices that our pastors make on our behalf, that as an attendee / volunteer I really don’t fully have an appreciation for. Quality time with the family is huge and most of that quality time for me comes on the weekends. That would be a extremely tough sacrifice for me to make! Thanks for posting this! Oh, and the pic reminds me to welcome you again to San Diego!

  2. Shawn M. Shoup Avatar

    Great pic!

  3. Aaron Avatar

    Goodness, I know I’m not supposed to envy, but… Sunday morning donut run, Sundays “off,” the beach.

    Good for you — I’d love to be at that point, there’s just something nice about a Sunday afternoon nap.

  4. chad swanzy Avatar

    that sounds off the charts… revel in it

  5. jeremy zach Avatar

    ya’ll are trunking it? that is crazy…..the ocean is freezing.

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