Our Housing Nightmare: Coming Soon


Kristen and I have doozy of a story to tell. It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. It will make you call your congressmen. It will make you sell your stock in banks. Most importantly, it will show you the difference between media hype about the housing market and Main Street realities. If you liked The Perfect Storm, you’ll love our story.

It will start something like this, “In America, we expect stories to have a happy ending.  But this is no fairy tale, this is a real estate story from Michigan 2008. Watch as our American Dream turns into a nightmare.”

The last couple chapters of the real story are yet to be written. When it’s all officially done and the dust has settled, I will write all about it.

Until then, my friends, just know that we’re doing fine. To be continued…






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  1. Todd Porter Avatar

    Hopefully, we will have better luck on our short sale than you guys did.

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