Saturday Tunes

Saturday TunesEaster weekend 2009. As Kristen said on her blog, Easter is a completely different experience for us. For the first time in our kids lives we aren’t attached running around the church. The highlight of our Easter celebration, so far, was Thursday night’s Messianic Seder. If ever there was a kinesthetic learning time for a community group, this was it.

Yesterday I had the day off. Another first in my adult life! Kristen went to work in the morning and in the afternoon I drove up to LA to pick up Cathie, Patti‘s daughter. She is here this week thawing out from a long winter and helping us watch the kids on their Spring Break. A win-win! We got back about 8:30 and I think everyone had crashed out by 10:00. This morning, everyone… less Cathie… has crawled out of bed and is quietly going about their business. When Kristen gets back from her hike up Cowles Mountain I’ll be taking Stoney to dog beach for his weekly therepy of ocean and butt sniffing. I’m already looking forward to a great Easter service, a picnic with our refugee friends, and a great week next week.

So that’s my corner of the world this Saturday morning. Here are my next 10 tunes. As always, completely random… ratings included.

#1 Rain Down by David Crowder Band ****

#2 I Can’t Stop Loving You by Ray Charles *****

#3 Everything Glorious by David Crowder Band *****

#4 My Funny Valentine by Miles Davis *****

#5 Everything is Beautiful by Starfield ****

#6 This is Certain by Jake Smith ****

#7 Hollywood by Collective Soul *****

#8 All the Earth by Charlie Hall ***

#9 Elevation by U2 *****

#10 Slide by The Goo Goo Dolls *****


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