Leaders Take You Where You Would Otherwise Not Go Alone

This is the story of Corporal Sidney Manning of Butler County, Alabama July 28th, 1918 – Near Breuvannes, France When his platoon commander and platoon sergeant had both become casualties soon after the beginning of an assault on strongly fortified heights overlooking the Ourcq River, Cpl. Manning took command of his platoon, which was near the…… Continue reading Leaders Take You Where You Would Otherwise Not Go Alone

What the Fall of Jim Tressel Has to do with Pastors

Jim Tressel went from hero to zero in 12 months. Winning had bought Tressel respect in the state of Ohio. First at Youngstown State and then on the national stage at Ohio State. As the success increased so did Tresell’s insulation from everyday scrutiny. In the eyes of fans and the administration he could do…… Continue reading What the Fall of Jim Tressel Has to do with Pastors

5 things you CAN control

Right before I went into full-time youth ministry one of my mentors shared this truth with me over coffee. Sometimes people are going to come to you and complain about the stupidest stuff you can imagine. Understand that when that happens, it isn’t you, it’s them. They likely have an area of their life that…… Continue reading 5 things you CAN control

When the Panic Button Goes Off

When chaos arrives on the scene panic changes everything. Every person has a freak out mode. Rumors spin out of control. People are jumping ship. Like Jonah, there’s a moment when the sailors cast lots to figure out who angered God. Fingers are pointed. Cuss words are muttered under their breathe. Biting words aren’t far…… Continue reading When the Panic Button Goes Off

The Coronation Ceremony isn’t Coming

Prince Charles is a man in waiting. He’s been waiting to be king his whole life. It’s a depressing lot in life, isn’t it? Your entire existence is wrapped up in a moment that may never happen… and will only happen when your mom dies. Lame. In so many ways Charles has proven he isn’t…… Continue reading The Coronation Ceremony isn’t Coming

It’s going to take all types

The church in America isn’t growing In every community around the United States only about 5-10% of people attend a church on any given weekend. (Easter & Christmas, let’s bump that to 15%.) If you believe that Jesus intended His church as the primary instrument of the Gospel spreading and prevailing in a community… this…… Continue reading It’s going to take all types

Snake bit

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vEi5Vk1SGE& Darkness creeps in at weird moments. A comment. A ungaurded remark by the wrong person. A glance or a stare that you can’t get an explanation for. All of those are things that can set me off inexplicably. Normally, I’m pretty happy-go-lucky. Why do those tiny things trigger the my mind so wildly? I…… Continue reading Snake bit

Over-communicate with your leaders

Want to avoid confusion with your team? Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. I define a leader as someone who takes people somewhere they would otherwise not go on their own. All-too-often, as I look back on my life in leadership, my tendency is always to get a mile ahead of my team because I have under-communicated the…… Continue reading Over-communicate with your leaders