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  • Coming to Chicago Dec 13-18

    I’m coming to Chicago for a small release party for the Love is an Orientation DVD curriculum on Saturday December 17th… so  I thought I’d expand the trip a little by coming Tuesday night and leaving Sunday evening. Here’s what is scheduled so far: December 17th – 2 classes now open for registration 10 -12 […]

  • Mexico isn’t Scary

    I spent yesterday with some folks from Amor Ministries in Tijuana. The point of our trip was to visit some recent Amor houses built in a colonia to create a video inviting NYWC participants to spend a day of convention there building a house. The houses we saw were anywhere from 3 days old to 10 […]

  • The Sea

    ten things i have learned about the sea from lorenzo fonda on Vimeo. I was mesmerized by this short film. Like the filmmaker, there is something about the ocean that speaks deeply to my soul. If I had unlimited time to travel, explore, and write… traveling by cargo ship would be incredible. Am I the […]

  • Book Cover: How to Share Your Faith on a Plane

    [download id=”15″] I have a knack for getting an empty seat next to me when I fly Southwest. On more than 60% of my 2010 flights I sat in the window seat and had an empty middle seat. In January 2011, I flew with Southwest 11 times and had an empty middle seat 7 times. […]

  • World Air Traffic (24 hours)

    This blew my mind.

  • Some pics from my trip

    Here are a few iPhone pictures from my trip to the Pacific Northwest.

  • Your story matters

    Next week, I’m hitting the road and driving from San Jose to just north of Seattle. I guess there are 3 over-arching reasons I’m doing this. Two are a bit secondary and perhaps selfish, which the third is really the justification for everything else. I love a good road trip. There is something almost magical […]

  • Back to Minneapolis

    This week I’m headed to Minneapolis for a week of meetings and team building. Since YS is a now part of YouthWorks, we get to be a part of their semi-annual gatherings where they come together to celebrate all that God is doing. I’m digging that. Here’s a couple of fun things I’ve been learning […]

  • Off to Minneapolis

    If going to Alabama is the dirty south, does that make Minnesota the “clean north?” Regardless, I am missing church this morning as I begin my trip north (and east) to Minneapolis for a few days of meetings with the YouthWorks team. Here’s something fun about heading to the clean north. I kind of like […]

  • Can Yelp Save the Mom and Pop Shop?

    Recent reviews by Adam M. What's this? I love mom and pop shops. I can’t quite put my finger for when this affinity began, but I prefer an owner operated business over a chain any day of the week. We all know that corporate America has slowly destroyed these small businesses. One by one, we […]