Saturday Tunes

Saturday TunesAnother weekend, already? If it has to be Saturday I will take it. Yet, it hardly seems like a week since my last installment.

Last night we had some friends over for dinner. Chris and Anastasia are very cool and I’m thankful to have them on staff at Harbor dreaming of ways to reach people and bring justice to City Heights. Kristen absolutely went off and delivered one of the most incredible collections of food ever. With a mediteranian theme she made everything from scratch. Homus, pita bread, chicken skewers, salad, and even frozen yogurt. Give that woman a kitchen and some ingredients and she comes to life. All of those years of girl porn have really paid off.

Today we are taking the kids to the zoo for a while. I’ve never been and they have each been a few times. So that will be fun. Have we gotten used to Southern California to the point where we are laid back about going to the San Diego Zoo? I mean, that place is a wonderland of zoology. I’m sure it’ll be fun.

As usual, Saturday kicks off with some quiet time. Everyone is sleeping in and I am quietly listening to some tunes. Here are the next 10 tunes randomly selected on my iPod… er, I mean iPhone.

#1 Sweet Home Alabama by Lynard Skynyrd *****

#2 Loose Lips by Kimya Dawson ****

#3 Baba O’Riley by The Who *****

#4 Footloose by Kenny Loggins *****

#5 Here is Our King by David Crowder Band ****

#6 More than Life by Hillsong United ****

#7 Can’t Find the Words by Karina ***

#8 Mysterious Ways by U2 *****

#9 All the Young Dude by Mott the Hopple ****

#10 Late Night, Early Town by Lloyd Cole


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