Rebecca McRae for La Mesa Spring Valley School District

Friends who live in the La Mesa / Spring Valley School District: Please consider voting for Rebecca McRae for LMSV 2018. I know Mrs. McRae as a passionate first grade teacher at Jackson’s school. She’s running as a parent of two kids in the district, her lack of name recognition and political experience speak to her simple desire to see improvements in the district. She’s not running to advance anything other than making the schools better and more welcoming to all.

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Making Memories on Vacation

When our teenage children were young my wife Kristen felt convicted about giving our kids lots of stuff for Christmas. To her, toys simply weren’t the point of Christmas.

Christmas is about Jesus, right? So if we make a big deal out of loading up the tree with toys it stops being about Jesus and starts being about toys.

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Four Most Powerful Words Online

This summer I had the opportunity to do something silly. Bizarre even. On the 4th of July, while leading a mission trip in Ensenada, we decided to celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks. It was one of those moments where you question yourself: Is this culturally insensitive? Or is it culturally sensitive in including and having fun with our Mexican friends? I suppose I’ll never really know– but it sure was fun.

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“Those darned teenagers…”

When I hear adults perpetrate stereotypes about teenagers (lazy, entitled, under-educated, etc) I realize that those adults must not know many teenagers.

The first step in understanding teenagers is acknowledging that you were never a teenager in the sense that they are. Their teenage experience bears little resemblance to your own. You faced different challenges than they do. That difference doesn’t make their experience wrong.

It’s easy to point at their devices and say, “See, this is what’s wrong with teenagers today. They are always on their phones.” When, in fact, we are all on our phones all the time.